What we do?

In KPCL Structure, we design simple timber joists and steel beams to complex domestic and commercial structures. From a crack in your home to structural designs for building regulations approval, our team of efficient engineers will provide every design and calculations for your residential or commercial property. Our company offers a wide range of structural engineering, civil engineering and building surveying services from small extensions to large developments. Our chartered engineers in KPCL Structure also provide structural surveys and engineering calculations with written reports for house buyers and owners.

Chose Us Because

A team of Qualified Experts

We are one of the finest civil and structural engineering companies in the UK.We provide Chartered Structural Engineers who have extensive designexperience.

All you need in one place

We provide all kind of structural services, from simple timber joists and steel beams to complex domestic and commercial structures, our structural engineers will provide you with designs that can solve all your building’s structural issues.

Efficient service and friendly approach

We will turn-around the design as early and efficiently as possible. We conduct aprofessional but friendly approach with our customers so that we can understandtheir needs and have their opinion on every step of the projects.


Design Process

Getting started

The first thing you have to do is contact us, you can reach us through this website, send us an email or even call us. One of our consultants will get right back to you with your query. We will do a short research of your property and after that we will offer you a quote. Upon your response to the quote we will continue with the next step.

Engineering survey

Once you agree to go ahead with us, we can fix a date for conducting engineering survey. On that day, our engineer(s) will visit your property and do an extensive survey of the structure. They will do a thorough assessment of your property and prepare a report accordingly. The report takes approximately 7 to 9 working days to prepare.

The report

After 7 to 9 working days, our engineers will present you report of the structural survey they conducted. The report will cover all the structural concerns of your building including the causes and solutions to any structural defects found.


If any structural defect is found in your property, our engineers will work to find the root cause of the defect and advice you on what the next step should be.




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