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What is a Building Control Application?

Many people still wonder what is a Building Control Application, so this is the right place to get the answer to your question in an elaborate manner. To simply define it, a Building Control Application is an improved method for littler, less mind-boggling household work, for example, evacuating a heap bearing divider or introducing a […]


Standard Scales for Architectural Drawings

Building Scale & Scaled Drawing Guide Presentation: Maintaining standard scales for architectural drawings can be a troublesome subject to see, particularly for new understudies (and even customers) that have not experienced them or wanted to utilize them previously. The scale is significant in light of the fact that it empowers us to perceive the connection […]


Planning Permission & 7-Year Rule

Planning Permission & 7-Year Rule: Some people suggest that design without¬†permitted is actually after a 7-year time span from its completion. So, there is loads of confusion about this matter and this needs to clarify for whoever needs to prepare planning permission sooner or later. Truth to tell the 7-year period is the time limit […]


Structural Survey: A Simple Guide

If you are intending to buy a new house, you may need to do a structural survey of the new property. You may not know what a structural survey is, or how it works. Well, to begin with, you can say that it is a way in which you can save money by avoiding unexpected […]


How to Get Planning Permission

How to Get Planning Permission: New Build House If you are wondering how to get planning permission to build a new house, you must be one of those who are looking to make a new house. You may be a landowner or a house developer; obtaining planning permission is not an easy task. But if […]