A structural survey is a comprehensive survey of the condition of the property. Through a structural survey, you can find out if your property poses any future structural risks. After conduction, the survey the engineer will be providing a structural report.

Whether you are making a small change to your building or large, one thing that you must need before you start construction is a building regulations approval. It is a set of rules by building control to protect peoples’ safety and welfare in and around the building. Building regulations drawings with proper structural calculations can instruct the builders to do the construction with proper calculations.

We will survey your property to take the proper measurements and calculations before starting with the design.

Foundations are the most important part of your building. The bestsolution for you is to reach out a structural engineer who can find out the root of the crack. It may be because of a load transfer or a design issue. A chartered structural engineer can find out the root cause and advise accordingly.
It generally takes between £600-£1300 to have an engineering survey done. The charges depend of the property type, location and size. It may be a bit costly, but in the long run, it ensures the safety and durability of your building.