Foundation Design

Foundation is the structural base of a building that stands on the ground and supports the whole building. A foundation design has to be done by a specialist structural engineer because it must include a detailed study of the ground below, along with the materials that are used in the foundation itself.
The depth of a foundation usually depends on the following factors-
  • Still Renders
  • 3D Walkthrough Animations
  • Floor Plans
  • Photo realistic Renders
  • Real Time Renders
  • Panoramic Renders
Only slab-on-grade foundations, which are laid at ground level, do not need to take the above subjects on consideration.
Typically, foundations are made with materials that offer high compressive strength and are much more resistant to damage from moisture and soil. Foundations are designed in a way, so that the loads of a building are transferred uniformly to the contact surface. Our expert witness structural engineers of KPCL Structure can provide you with the best structure design for foundation and give solutions to any foundation problems.