How to Get Planning Permission


How to Get Planning Permission: New Build House

If you are wondering how to get planning permission to build a new house, you must be one of those who are looking to make a new house. You may be a landowner or a house developer; obtaining planning permission is not an easy task. But if you have proper resources and professional help, it can make a huge difference.

Why Build a New House?

People may think about why you should build your new home while already there are so many readymade options.

Affordable option: Even though building a new house can be troublesome, and it can also save a lot of money for you. Buying a bare piece of land with no planning permission and then building a new house on it with planning permission can increase the property value to a much greater extent. If you are a property developer or someone with a plan to sell the house after a few years, this process can be beneficial for you. It will cost less than buying a hose.

Choose Your House: Having a house specifically designed for you can be beneficial in many ways. You get to choose what your house will look like. What furniture you want to put and where. How big you want your closet to be. How many bedrooms or bathrooms you want. Buying a house will not give you that many options while having a house that you designed can provide you all. You can also add any special features according to your need for the new house.

Why Planning Permission?

Planning permission makes the difference between a simple plot of land and the plot of your dream home. With the planning permission, your local authority will grant you the right to build a certain type of building in a certain shape and size. In order to obtain planning permission for your desired home, you need to submit the proper documents that your local council requires. Planning has some specific rules, but they can be unpredictable. Unlike Building Regulations, planning rules can vary from one council to another, as each area has its own set of regulations for planning.

Who to Approach?

You can find a planning consultant to make all the paper works ready for the planning application. An architect or an architectural designer will provide the designs and a planning consultant can fill all the necessary forms. You can always do those yourself, but it is better that you use someone experienced. The consultants can deal with the council and the procedure they require.

Pre-Application Advice

Pre-application advice from the council will give you more idea about what documents you need for your application or what application you should go for.

Outline Planning Permission

An Outline Planning Application will give you an idea about the approval rate of your planning application. Before you start will all the detailed works for a planning application, an outline application will help you find out whether you should go for the full application. When you get approval from the council with the outline application, you will have time to submit all the detailed documents of the proposed building.

Detailed Planning Permission

You can choose to go with a detailed planning application. You will need all the detailed drawings and other information about the property to apply for this application. Once you have all the detailed plans approved by the council, you will get the approval to start with the construction works. Council usually takes eight weeks to make a decision. They go through all the documents and see if everything is following the council’s regulations. It is worth the wait.

Planning Permission Refusal

It is wise to avoid any refusal for planning permission. Rejection can be a spot on the property’s planning history. The council will check every way that is unacceptable for planning permission. In case of a refusal, if you plan to appeal to the independent planning inspectorate, it can take a year for them to make a decision.


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