Building & structure design

We have a team of excellent structural and civil engineers, who can give you a perfectlycalculated structural design of your house according to your needs ensuring it complieswith the building regulations.

Foundation Design

Our engineers will make sure the foundation design of your property is strong. A strong foundation will make sure you have a strong building.

Structural Survey

For any structural issues, our engineers will make a structural survey in your property. They will make all the calculations necessary to find a solution to the problem.

Structural Report

After the survey and calculations, our engineers will hand you a report, where you will find out what steps to take next.

Party wall survey

To make any changes on the wall that belongs to both you and your neighbours, we will make a party wall survey, which will prevent any damage to the properties involved.

CDM Regulations - Health and Safety

Health and Safety-For the health and safety of our clients and the environment, our engineers follow by the rules of CDM Regulations.