Structural Survey

A structural survey is basically a detailed inspection of a property. A full building survey or a structural survey can provide a detailed analysis of your property’s condition.
A full structural survey requires these steps:
  • An inspection
  • A full survey report
  • A property evaluation
Our engineers at KPCL Structure will conduct the detailed survey of all parts of the building including roofs, walls, floors, windows and doors, chimneys, cellars, garages and outbuildings. During the inspection, the surveyors will search for any potential structural defect of the building, if found they have the  egal responsibility to inform the client about the issue.


  • If you own any type of the following properties, you may need a detailed structural survey done
  • A listed building
  • An old building
  • A building with unusual construction process
  • A building renovation
For any structural issues, our engineers will make a structural survey in your property. They will make all the calculations necessary to find the solution of the problem.